Good reads 2015: Send us your favorite FTA publications!

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Jannatin Aliah, a.k.a Titin, give lecture in a class. The elementary school that she run in Pengerak village is a distance class of state elementary school in Jongkong municipality. ©Center For International Forestry Research/Ramadian Bachtiar
Photo: Ramadian Bachtiar/CIFOR

With hundreds of publications, 2015 was a prolific year for the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA). Several FTA publications even made it on the Springer list of Forestry Stars.*

Now we want to know from YOU what are the “best reads” 2015. Which FTA publications have made the biggest impression on you? Which ones were useful for your research? Which did you like best and why?

What you find useful might be useful to others too and can contribute to sharing knowledge from our research.

Therefore, send us your top five picks per Flagship – or just one – by 21 March to

And tell us why you think those specific publications were important, good, relevant, ground-breaking or whatever you’ll argue they are.

FTA-Director Robert Nasi and the Flagship coordinators will select the top FIVE of 2015 per Flagship, based on citation, download rate and on your pitch.

There is no prize money, but we will hold a lottery with the names of all who submitted their suggestions and the winner can present his or her research in a video to be published on FTA and shared through all center’s social media channels.

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