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    presentation of the results of FTA studies

Webinar FTA Covid 19 Rapid Research Response:
presentation of the results of FTA studies

Zoom online
 6 Sep 2021 15:00-18:30 CEST (Rome time)

Draft Agenda


  1. Opening by FTA Director and setting background for the webinar, Vincent Gitz, 5’
  2. Covid Studies Presentations and discussions (8’ presentation for each study, 10 mins of discussion after 2 studies are presented)
  • Study 1: A Perfect Storm – Impacts of Insecurity and COVID-19 on shea supply chains in Burkina Faso, Andrew Wardell, 8’
  • Study 2: Effect of COVID-19 on rural community enterprises: the case of community forest enterprises in Cameroon, Serge Mandiefe, 8’

Q&A and discussion on Studies 1+2, 10’

  • Study 3: Study on impact of COVID-19 on woodfuel value chains in the DRC, Jolien Schure, 8’
  • Study 4: Market opportunities and impacts of COVID-19 on short chains of agroforestry products in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Adriana Escobedo, 15’

Q&A and discussion on Studies 3+4, 10’

Break 15’

  • Study 5: COVID-19 Pandemic and Agroecosystem Resilience: Early Insights for Building Better Futures, Lalisa Duguma, 8’
  • Study 6: Evaluating the Restoration of the Commons – Assessing the impacts of a large-scale land restoration initiative in India founded on the tenets of local collective action and property rights, Karl Hughes, 8’

Q&A and discussion on Studies 5+6, 10’

  • Study 7: Covid-19 and food security in West Papua, Mulia Nurhasan, 8’
  • Study 8: Effects of health crises and quarantine on coffee and potato farmers in Peru: short and medium trend dynamics through a panel data base, Ricardo Vargas/Valentina Robiglio, 8’

 Q&A and discussion on Studies 7+8, 10’

  1. Involvement of FTA in the Covid-19 Hub
    1. Introduction (overall Hub and WG4), Vincent Gitz, 5’
    2. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on agri-food value chains: Fractures, responses and opportunities for building back better (WG1), Dietmar Stoian, 5’
    3. COVID’s impacts on wildlife farms in Vietnam, Thu Thuy Pham, 10’
  1. Wrap up and way forward 10’


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