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Million voices initiative

Citizen science to support agroecological transitions

 24 Sep 2021 09:00-10:00 EDT(UTC-4)

The transformative partnership platform on agroecology (TPP) wishes to launch a bold citizen science campaign to involve smallholder farmers, farm workers and food consumers in generating knowledge to accelerate and document agroecological transitions. This has an initial 18 month time frame supported by SDC, starting with a launch at a UNFSS side event on 24th September 2021 followed up by a series of national and regional events in the ensuing six months to democratically decide what the focus of the citizen science initiative should be and then to implement activities over the following year that will engage at least a million people in generating new knowledge in support of agroecological transitions.




09:00-09:05 AM

Welcome and introduction

Michel Evequoz, SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation)

09:05-09:30 AM

Section 1  Showcasing citizen science in agroecology

09:30-09:45 AM

Section 2  Critique of big data

  • Presentation of a critique on the use of big data in agriculture – political economy perspective
    Anna-Verena Nosthoff and Felix  Maschewski at the Data Politics Lab at Humboldt University in Berlin
  • Comment on issues raised by these presentations for taking a citizen science initaitve forward to address agroecological transitions
    Yodit Kebede, Post Doctoral Researcher at IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development)

09:45-09:55 AM

Section 3  The way forward

  • Series of facilitated audience interactions to shape priorities for what might be included in the Million voices initiative
    Mieke Bourne, Engagement Process Specialist, SHARED


09:55-10:00 AM

Summing up


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