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Final Event

10 years of FTA research for people and the planet

Zoom online
 9 Dec 2021 01:00 - 04:00 PM CET

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We are happy to invite you to FTA’s final event, to be held on the 9th of December on Zoom, 1-4pm CET.

The occasion is unique: we will be wrapping up 10 years of research and presenting our newly launched series “FTA Highlights of a Decade”  as well as some pioneering integrated impact assessment studies. 

We will show how forests, trees and agroforestry, when effectively used, managed and governed, do improve production systems, enhance food security, support livelihoods, advance equity, as well as provide key solutions for landscapes, climate change and biodiversity challenges. We will also reveal key numbers on the tangible influence of the FTA program, spaning over millions of hectares (either preserved from deforestation, restored, or more sustainably managed) and across millions of people worldwide who are now more food and nutrition secure, or with improved means of livelihoods.

REGISTER HERE –> https://forms.gle/suhh1fMEQENhmtrF7

The digital event is open to anyone, so don’t feel shy and share this across your networks!

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