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Building back better and greener with agroecology

 17 Feb 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM EAT

Agroecological approaches are increasingly seen as being able to make a key contribution to mainstreaming biodiversity in agriculture, transitioning to sustainable and resilient agricultural and food systems and building back better and greener. These approaches transform agriculture through a diversity of pathways, from different starting points, in a variety of contexts, but their adoption is currently constrained by market failures, maladapted policies and paucity of evidence on their performance in different contexts.

A group of partners, some under the FTA umbrella, namely ICRAF, CIRAD, Biovision, CIFOR, FAO and UNEP (Advisory Group), has come together within a holistic Transformative Partnership Platform on agroecological approaches to building resilience of livelihoods and landscapes (TPP) to accelerate and coordinate their work on agroecology across international, national and local scales, with the aim of fostering transitions to more sustainable and resilient agricultural and food systems. The objective of the TPP is to address critical knowledge and implementation gaps about agroecological transitions, to provide evidence to underpin advocacy and inform policy makers and donors about the potential of agroecological approaches to foster innovation that can sustainably improve livelihood and landscape resilience. This involves working in new ways, bringing together: research and development; science and social movements and local and scientific knowledge through transdisciplinary science and the co-creation of knowledge.

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The virtual event will align with the ongoing discussions on agroecology in the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) taking place in February 2021 and the UN Sustainable Food Systems in September 2021. The event will provide member States and other stakeholders with up-to-date information and successful examples of how agroecological approaches have supported communities and countries in building back better and greener.

Expected outcomes

  • Presentation of successful implementation of agroecological transitions that contribute to building back better and
  • Exchange of examples of co-creation of knowledge: we aim at fostering a coalition of interested stakeholders, including donors and beneficiary countries around resolving knowledge and development gaps.


For more information and registration, send your request to: siham.drissi@un.org 

Registration: Please register here.


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