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This study consists of sex-disaggregated data and other related materials generated as part of the Sentinel Landscapes Network household survey baseline in the Central Africa Humid Tropics Transect (CAFHUT) sentinel site in Cameroon.

A total of 935 households were surveyed in May, June, August and December, 2014; November and December, 2015; and January, 2016, from 38 villages. Namely: Mbang 2, Nkolmveng, Ndelle, Yebe, Mekouma, Ngoumesseng, Nsan Ii, Bifos, Niamvoudou, Abeng Nnam, Ngola Baka, Kongo, Ngola Nzime, Achip 2, Eschiambor, Moanguele Bosquet, Nemeyong Iii, Mayang, Melene, Doumzok 2, Assok, Akom, Ekombitie, Nkolkoumou, Bite, Mboutoukong, Nkolfong, Lele, Tobagne, Yorro, Kedia, Bongando, Yangben, Batanga, Bakoa, Bougnougoulouck, Tchekos and Ossimb 1.

The data consists of information on household demographics, migration, education, asset ownership, income sources, household food security, progress out of poverty, crop production and sales, livestock products, participation in credit markets, social networks, and natural resource use.

In compliance with the CGIAR protocol on collecting sex-disaggregated data, approximately 50% of the respondents interviewed were women. Before downloading any of the files, particularly the data files, please download and read the “Sentinel Landscapes Network Disclaimer and Terms of Use” file.

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