The Sikasso-Bobo Dioulasso-Tamale transect, Ghana

Description : The Sikasso-Bobo Dioulasso-Tamale transect is entirely found within the Soudano-Guinean ecological zone spanning South East Mali, South West Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana. Within Mali, this landscape includes Segou and Koutiala to the North and Sikasso to the South; within Burkina Faso it includes Orodara, Banfora, Bobo-Dioulasso, Léo and Gaoua and within Ghana it includes Lawra, Wa, Koulmasa, Sawla, Damongo, Bolgatanga and Savelugu, and within Togo1 it includes Pangouda, Kande, Gando, Sagbibou, Mango, Katchamba, Alibi, Goubi, Koussountou, Sotouboua and Tchamba. The total surface area of this transect is approximately 300,000 km2 with a baseline of 300 km and a length of 1000 km.
Subject : soil zone, land use
Authors : Gassner, A.
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Data can be downloaded from the Dataverse repository.

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