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The Village dataset corresponds to the Village Questionnaire, which is divided into 10 main sections: 1.Basic information on demography, settlement, and infrastructure ; 2.village institutions and forest use regulations and rules; 3.wages and prices; 4.development projects/income to village (Phase 1 only); 5.village land tenure and use ; 6.basic information on livelihoods in the village and change over time; 7.change in forest area, quality, and use; 8.views on tenure security over agricultural and forest resources; 9.perceptions on changes in wellbeing; and, 10.involvement in and assessment of forest interventions.

Information sources for this questionnaire are secondary data, own observations and interviews with key informants for sections 1 to 5, and village meetings (or focus groups) that consist of 10–15 adults (>16 years of age) for sections 5 to 10. Variables from Phase 1 start with P1V_section&question number, and variables from Phase 2 start with P2V_section&question number.

The research design and methods are further described in Sunderlin et al. (2016) as well as in several GCS REDD+ publications and related material (see GCS-REDD sub national initatives website).

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