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The third Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study (FAO, 2019) highlighted two important areas for the forest sector in the region:

  • First, the conservation of primary forests – i.e. forests largely unaffected by human activities – and the sustainable management of other natural forests are urgently needed to safeguard biodiversity, ecosystem services and the quality and health of the physical environment in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Second, the use of innovative technologies – including ICT technologies, processing technologies and new wood-based products – creates huge opportunities and challenges for sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management.

Report of the FAO-FTA Inception Workshop held on 30 July 2020

To address these concerns, FAO and the CGIAR research programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) are developing two inter-
related roadmaps for the Asia-Pacific region on: (i) primary forest conservation; and, (ii) innovative forest technologies, including key policy and action recommendations, informed by science.

On July 30th, 2020 an online inception workshop with key relevant regional stakeholders was organized to: officially launch this process; agree on the purpose, expected outcomes, and process for development of each roadmap. The roadmap refers to a precise geographical scope [1]. The full list of 49 countries and territories covered by the roadmaps is accessible here.


Roadmaps in the Asia-Pacific region

The purpose, expected outcomes, and process for development of each Roadmap are presented in more detail in the two scoping notes accessible here:

Scoping note on Primary Forest Conservation

Scoping note on Innovative Technologies

Follow the Roadmap progress here!

These roadmaps will include key recommendations (policy and concrete actions) informed by science. They will be developed through an inclusive and participative process, involving key regional stakeholders and technical experts and paying a specific attention to the contributions of students and young professionals.

In the context of these roadmaps, we are launching an open electronic consultation aiming to collect from a broad range of key regional stakeholders scientific and local/traditional knowledge, experience and best practices, views and perspectives, suggestions and recommendations on primary forest conservation and the application of innovative technologies in forestry and forest management in the Asia-Pacific region.

Participate to the online consultation here!

Call for contributions of youth

To support youth participation to the development of this roadmap, FAO and FTA, in collaboration with the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) are also organizing a competition to invite contributions from students and young people engaged in formal or informal activities linked to the forest sector in the Asia-Pacific region. This competition will take place in two steps: (1) the present call for abstracts; (2) the development of the selected contributions.

Open to any citizen or resident of countries or territories of the Asia-Pacific region
who is between 18-35 years old

More details on this Call for Abstracts here!

For any question, please contact: cgiarforestsandtrees[at]cgiar[dot]org

[1] The geographical scope of the roadmaps covers the countries of the FAO region of Asia and the Pacific (see: However, it excludes France and the United States of America (USA) mainland, situated outside the region. The Russian Federation, although covering 29 percent of Asia, is also excluded because issues related to Russian forests are usually discussed within the European Forestry Commission. The full list of 49 countries and territories covered by the roadmaps is accessible here.

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