What future direction for forest tenure reform implementation in Indonesia?: Perspectives of national-level stakeholders

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Taken together, forest tenure reform implementation in Lampung and Maluku provinces capture key issues common across different settings in Indonesia, e.g. coordination among government actors, limited government budgets and uncertainty created by changing forestry regulations. In addition, other issues that are specific to one or the other province (e.g. lack of recognition of customary rights, inadequate capacity of implementing agencies, and lack of community knowledge and awareness) are also illustrative of broader tenure challenges in other parts of Indonesia. The findings from a participatory prospective analysis (PPA) study have provided central government with better information from different sites.
Authors: Liswanti, N.; Mwangi, E.; Banjade, M.R.; Herawati, T.
Subjects: land tenure, community forestry, governance, forest management, social forestry
Publication type: Brief
Year: 2019

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